• Welcome to Protehus !

    We are a research team "Psychological Research on Technology and Human Synergy - Protehus" which aim is to understand organizational transformation and challenges in the current technological revolution.

  • Work Design

    The world is facing several changes due to technological advancement which raise questions about how work should look like in the near future.

  • Skills for future

    In order to deal with a large number of changes in the way we work and the organizational system, we investigate which are the most relevant skills to foster organizational competitiveness and employability in the digital age.

  • Learning and Development

    Learning is an ever-going process that can occur inside and outside the workplace. We focused on how ubiquitous and online technologies can foster the career development in a proactive way.


Axis 1 : Future Work Design

The world is facing several changes due the emergence of new technologies and the increasing use of technologies at work. These changes raise questions how work should look like now and in the near future.

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Axis 2: Skills for the future

Emerging technologies are changing the way we work. Therefore, we investigate the most important skills to deal with the current and future organizational challenges and opportunities in the digital age.

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Axis 3: Learning & Development

Technologies allow us to learn everytime and everywhere. We focus on how omnipresence of technologies can improve the development of competences and career development.

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Axis 4: HR Management in the digital age

Organizations are integrating advanced technologies. We focus on how HR management and strategies can help to improve organizational competitiveness.

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About Research Group

Our research center aims at providing guidelines and ressources for the future of work through scientific facts. Our research team is composed of work and organizational psychologists passionate about innovation and new technologies in the workplace. Our main interest is located in human factors and how these technological changes affect them, their representation of work and of their workplace.

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About Publications Group

The work of our research group focus on how technologies transform organizations. Furthermore, we are interested in the innovation process at work (creativity, promotion, implementation) and the work conditions which elicit innovation (climate, work characteristic, etc.). Other contributions are oriented to understand the organizational behavior at related to the proactivity, learning in the workplace and the quality of life at work.

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Norm and Deviance-Seeking Personal Orientation Scale (NDPOS) Adapted to the Organisational Context

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Affective Commitment, Participative Leadership, and Employee Innovation: A Multilevel Investigation

Odoardi, C., Battistelli, A., Montani, F., Peiró, J.M. (2019).

Learning Climate and Innovative Work Behavior, the Mediating Role of the Learning Potential of the Workplace

Cangialosi, N., Odoardi C., Battistelli, A. (2020).

Work based learning: Italian adaptation of the Learning Potential of the Workplace scale

Cangialosi, N., Deprez, G. R. M., Odoardi, C., & Battistelli, A. (2020).